Theatre and Development

The use of theatre and various cultural media as a tool for communication and development is not a new idea at all, but there definitely is a gap when it comes to how effective it is. Theatre can break through language and cultural barriers and is an extremely useful communication tool. Theatre is not only performance; this is a theory, which may be applied to create a process of developing a society where people have proactive nature, positive behavior, self-respect and respect for others' opinion. The practitioners usually achieve this through delivering specific text to audience for entertainment, education and reforming the thought process. There is a sea of possibilities for using theatre and culture in development communication, but it needs harnessing. Theatre for development is just what it says; theatre used in the service of development aims. As a tool it can be instrumental for development agencies which pursue the goals of self development and an improved quality of life of all people whose material conditions leave them vulnerable to hostile, predatory forces, both natural and human.

The Governing Board

ICTD's main strength lies in its board members, all of whom are renowned in the world of theatre and theatre initiatives in development. The advisory panel is headed by the President of International Theatre Institute Worlwide, Mr. Ramendu Majumdar. His name is synonymous with theatre in Bangladesh and his experience in theatre and development is most valuable to taking ICTD forward in realizing its dreams.


The Board is further enriched by its Chairman Mr. A.S.M. Maruf Kabir, Development Communication and Theatre Strategist; Members Professor Moloy Bhowmik, Chairman Department of Drama, Rajshahi University; Professor Israfil Shaheen, PhD, Ex. Chairman, Department of Drama, University of Dhaka; Dr. Farhad Zaman Polash, PhD, Asst. Professor, Shanto Marium University of Technology; Mr. Probir Sardar, Head, Udichi Drama Unit; Mr. Avijit Sengupta, Chittagong based theatre activist; Mr. A. K. M. Khurshid Alam, Superintendant , Theatre School; Ms. Samina Lutfa Nitra, PhD, Social Anthropologist, Asst. Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Dhaka, and Mr. M. A Hassan, representative of VISCOM.