The Institute has initiated and implemented various health communication programs in capacity building against diseases such as Malaria and Tuberculosis in collaboration with the Smiling Sun; and more recently in containing crisis and raising awareness about the epidemics Swine Flu and Anthrax. The Institute is currently diversifying into communication campaigns related to issues of climate change and crisis management (natural calamities, etc). ICTD has recently added to its project portfolio the experience of executing two very successful campaigns funded by the Information Support Team (IST) of US Embassy Dhaka, which has allowed it to identify the possibilities of exploring more similar community level initiatives for targeted groups, especially the youth. With the all-out support of the IST, ICTD developed and launched the AV (Anti-Violence) campaign at the community level and carried out 500 theatre performances around the country. The project has received a tremendously positive response from people all over the country and a survey has shown that it has been successful in creating great awareness among the people regarding terrorism and has led to a marked change in peoples' perception of their own roles in building a violence free society. This alone allows us to understand the immense power and potential of theatre based approach in reshaping the mental set up of the general masses in the country. Such approaches dealing with different development issues can be piloted and replicated everywhere in the country where the communities will be greatly benefited and motivated to change their outlooks and perceptions irrespective of religion, cast, gender, political affiliation, and other influential socio-cultural factors that shape their attitude and behavior.