Our work on the roll

We are progressively involved in making a meaningful contribution in the world of theatre  and development in more ways than one. The following highlight our current activities:

  • Providing two fellowships each year for research and documentation of various forms of culture and theatre to be used  in development communication;
  • Publishing international standard development communication journal and books focusing on culture and theatre;
  • Developing audio visual and print library on culture and theatre for development;
  • Developing training curricula and arrange courses for development communication specialists. 
  • Developing a database of countrywide activities on culture and theatre initiatives for development.
  • Managing implementation of theatre and cultural activation for development;
  • Capacity development of culture ad theatre based team leaders for designing and implementation;
  • Designing a laboratory for operation research, piloting, field testing culture and theatre based activation;
  • Initiating advanced courses on culture and theatre for development for professionals.